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With spray foam, builders and developers are able to reduce construction expenses, meet or even surpass today’s strict building code criteria, and supply clients with the advantages of spray foam.

Spray foam functions as both insulation as well as an air barrier which seals off the structure envelope, minimizing the necessity for supplemental air sealant building materials. Some jurisdictions require air tightness tests to prove compliance. A spray foam building assembly might be checked before the drywall is installed, which could possibly save time and prevent expensive repairs in the event that problems are discovered.

Meet or Exceed Building Code Requirements

  • Spray foam fits into difficult to reach areas and can be installed directly onto existing roofing system coverings, which could minimize the necessity for expensive and time consuming tear-off and replacement.

  • Spray foam roofing systems and insulation could help you meet or exceed the strict building and energy codes adopted by regions and local areas which promote or require improved energy efficiency.

  • Spray foam can help developers and builders satisfy the energy efficiency criteria if involved programs including Energy Star, LEED, and NAHB Green Building Certification, possibly removing the requirement for a local code official assessment of energy factors and decreased costs.


Regardless of whether it’s a home or office building, shopping center, apartment building or corner store, property owners are concerned about building performance and energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation can help builders and developers deliver long-term value to their client. With SPF, consumers can reap the numerous advantages noted above and reside in comfortable, draft-free houses or buildings.

The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) performed a life cycle evaluation of spray foam insulation. The results of the research study indicate that the energy and environmental advantages from spray foam insulation utilized in new residential construction and commercial roofing retrofits significantly exceed the expressed energy and embodied environmental effects.

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